What Information Is Contained In My Credit Report?

Credit bureau reports in Canada regardless of their source contain the same basic information in the following categories:

Basic personally identifying information is contained within your credit report:
  • Your full legal name, including variations between creditors (also-known-as "aka")
  • Address & Contact Information: current and previous addresses, date reported, phone numbers
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN), Date of Birth
  • Employment Information including current and previous employers, date reported, profession, job title and in some cases even Salary Information*
*Note: this information is generally provided BY YOU to the bureaus: whenever you fill out an application for new credit you provide a wealth of information to a potential lender that they submit to the credit bureau along with your eventual credit file. Some creditors even have 'real-time' updates to the bureaus for application information.
A comprehensive history of your payment activity on retail, banking, secured and unsecured credit accounts:
  • How many late payments have you made?
  • What is your current balance compared to your credit limit?
  • How long have the accounts been open?
  • Has there been any fraudulent activity?*
*Note: your potential lenders have access to the above information, and from accessing other databases and searches available to them (Home ownership, vehicle ownership, liens, etc.) from other sources there is a large amount of information that they can choose to consider when reviewing your application for credit.
A summary of items that may affect your credit worthiness in the eyes of a lender:
  • Are there any court judgments outstanding against you?
  • Are you a previous bankrtupt?
  • Are you currently enrolled in Credit Counselling or another R7 OPD (orderly payment of debt) program?
  • Has a creditor placed a lien on any of your assets?*
*Note: Information in this section generally comes to the bureaus from court and other government entities that control things like land titles, liens, etc.
A summary of all inquiries to your credit file from other credit grantors, lenders, or institutions that you have authorized to access your report during the application process. Also other parties that have the right to pull your credit report details under the law for the collection of an outstanding debt in the event that you did not maintain your payment obligations per your agreement with the creditor:
  • Have any collection companies been pulling your credit report?
  • Is there an unusual number of new credit applications recently?
  • Has there been little to no activity on the credit bureau report? why?
*Note: Information in this section is different on each credit bureau's report - as they only report inquiries to your credit file from their own organization and clients.
A summary of other financial information pertaining to your overall credit health:
  • Bank account information - are you using your overdraft every month?
  • COLLECTION ACTIVITY goes in this section - information reported by the collection agency handling your account - date of last contact, date assigned to the agency, current balance, last payment date
*Note: Information in this section is different on each credit bureau's report - as various collection agency and legal firms only update certain bureaus. It is to your advantage to review all your credit bureau reports not only for accuracy but to see what information potential lenders will see when they pull a report on you!

What information is EXCLUDED from my credit report?

Several key pieces of information are excluded on your credit report. For example, there is no way for your creditors to be aware of any transactions that you are paying by cash or cheque (with the exception of NSF cheques which will be recorded with your bank information trade lines.)

Also, any legitimate and unavoidable expenses such as medical or child care are not taken into account when creditors review your credit report to determine your credit worthiness.

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