Licensed and Bonded

Canada Debt Settlements is licensed under the “Collection Agency Act” via the Consumer Protection Branch. We operate with a bonded trust account that is provincially monitored. Proudly, there has never been a complaint logged with the Consumer Protection Branch against Canada Debt Settlements. This of course is the result of a “no-satisfaction-no-fee” policy.

Canadian owned and operatedThe license of a Collection Agency allows Canada Debt Settlements to hold funds In Trust while negotiations are conducted to reduce your overall debt. As we are licensed under the “Collection Agency Act”, Canada Debt Settlements is well-positioned to advocate on your behalf and ensure that your rights are never infringed upon. Think of us as a collection agency that works for you!

There are endless companies advertised in publications, television, radio and other media. Always ensure that your representatives are licensed and bonded under the correct department and in the proper region.

Proudly licensed by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, we realize at Canada Debt Settlements Inc. that disclosing personal financial information with anyone in general is definitely not a priority. Simply put, most individuals would rather not discuss their financial hardship unless necessary. We understand it is a very emotional subject and want you to feel completely comfortable when approaching our services. Our clients' funds are fully protected and insured by our Trust Account (Similar to a lawyers') and provincial bonding to ensure that settlements, when approved, are processed efficiently. We always handle your information with the utmost discretion and highest security.

For more information about our licensing please do not hesitate to give us a call.