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Let Canada Debt Settlements show you all of your debt reduction and repayment options - stop collection callsUntil recently, Canadians have been limited with options relating to self-managed debt reduction. Canada Debt Settlements encourages all those who face financial burdens to diligently explore and research all available solutions. There is no one right solution for everyone. However, traditional methods often carry long term effects and must therefore, be very carefully considered.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone at any time:

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Learn how we can simplify your financial problems today! Start living debt free now by having us handle your debt settlement needs. Our knowledgeable debt negotiators work for you and not the creditor. Contact us now for more information.

Service Overview

Canada Debt Settlements does NOT charge a retainer fee and there are no hidden charges.
We only charge on results.
Our aim is to have our clients living debt free lives as soon as possible with Debt Settlement. For more information on our fees please read our section "Service Guarantee" below...

Learn about your options and find out the difference that Canada Debt Settlements can make. Let our experienced staff work for you. There are no fees if you are not fully satisfied. You have nothing to lose but debt!

Service Guarantee - No Debt Reduction = NO FEES.

Canada Debt Settlements works for you and only you... never the creditor. We guarantee that you will achieve a satisfactory debt reduction with us or you will never be charged a fee. Our licensed and bonded agents will review your personal situation and provide you with several options for debt reduction and repayment. You will have the choice of solutions that meet your needs, goals, and ability to pay. You will be informed of all options and their costs before enrolling in any program through Canada Debt Settlements

Debt Settlement Knowledge, Experience and Success

To understand what Canada Debt Settlements is, you should know what we are not:

  • We are NOT Trustees in Bankruptcy
  • We are NOT a credit counselling agency

Our goal is to settle your debts!

Rich in experience within the credit sphere, Canada Debt Settlements is a results-proven leader in the art of debt negotiations, reductions and settlements in Canada. Fully licensed by the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Affairs (Consumer Protection Branch), Canada Debt Settlements is specifically in the business of debt reduction for individuals facing financial hardships. And while bankruptcy protection and other insolvency plans may offer remedy for credit debt, Canada Debt Settlements offer unique and innovative solutions for consumers seeking alternate resolutions in a marketplace saturated with "one-size-fits-all" solutions.

debt reduction savings with debt settlements CanadaCanada Debt Settlements' staff are committed to saving our clients money through experience, trust and innovation. At Canada Debt Settlements, we realize that each client is unique, and therefore maintain a strict “client-first” policy. As such, we strive to continuously update our clients about the status of their settlements and maintain non-compromising compliance to the fiduciary duty that clients must expect of us. All transactions are based on certified settlement offers obtained from our client’s creditors. Our professional service is courteous, sympathetic, and prompt. We work for you and only you.

Canada Debt Settlements will review your specific case and construct a personalized solution based on your particular circumstances and needs.

It is company policy that no client will be charged if their respective accounts are not resolved to their satisfaction.

Canada Debt Settlements does not share any information with outside organizations, without explicit consent. Your Privacy and confidentiality are secure with us.
Privacy Policy

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Mailing Address: Canada Debt Settlements

3950 14th Avenue, Suite 303
Markham, ON
L3R 0A9
Canada Debt Settlements - 3950 14th avenue, Markham Ontario

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Welcome to Canada Debt Settlements

Welcome to Canada Debt Settlements Inc. Experience the unwavering commitment of client service, satisfaction and accountability. Explore practical and innovative debt reduction, debt management and solutions where the bottom line never changes: you will not pay any fees unless you are fully satisfied with our results. Licensed under the Ontario Consumer Protection Branch, Canada Debt Settlements strives to advocate for, and protect the rights of individuals facing financial hardships.

Free Consultation 1-877-475-3939

Reasons for financial hardships are unique as the individuals facing them. While bankruptcy and credit counseling programs are part of a great Canadian landscape of consumer help, they may not always be the best solution for every person and their unique set of circumstance and interests. As an alternative to bankruptcy, consumer proposal and credit counseling, Canada Debt Settlements offers modern, client-specific debt solutions and consumer representation including handling of collection calls on your behalf. Consumer rights do not disappear with a diminishing bank account.

Recent Success Stories

I must say that I always ‘do my research’ in every area of life as best as I can so that I make the right purchase the first time. Well, this was not an area I was even remotely able to make a definitive call on since my wife and I never had any previous debt issues.
I researched and met up with many different Debt Resolution/Debt Solvers and tried to work with making monthly lump payments but it wasn’t the correct solution and in the end failed for us. I started researching into solving our Debt problems all over again when I came upon the idea of Debt Settlement…that was the correct solution and something my wife and I should’ve done the year before. The problem was who could we trust to do it and who was the best person for the job. That was our newest problem.
I started making calls and looking up as much information as I could get on the Companies that did this and I was confident that Canada Debt Settlement were the tops in this area so I called and spoke to Boaz. I was actually somewhat shocked as he had answered my questions and explained the way it worked so well I had no more questions the next day. This was a relief as the time frame for us was very tight and to this day I am amazed that everything was settled going right down to the wire on our tight schedule and that Boaz still managed great savings for us in the process. It pulled us right out of debt and had we called Canada Debt Settlement the year before we would’ve saved even more and not carried that Debt burden unnecessarily for an extra year.
If you’re doing your research looking for who is the right one for the job, I can honestly tell you save your time and money and go with Canada Debt Settlements. I would be happy to talk to anyone that has any uncertainty as the expertise and hard work Boaz did for us was truthfully incredible.
S.B. of Mississauga
Received Dec 23, 2013 via email
Total Savings: $18,000+
Received July 20, 2012 via email

Privacy Policy | Canada Debt Settlements

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Canada Debt Settlements Has Moved to New Offices

In March 2010 Canada Debt Settlements relocated from Richmond Hill to our new offices in Markham Ontario. At this time we would like to invite you inside to see what the new offices look like, and we welcome you to come visit us at any time...

Main Reception Area - CDS Markham Offices Reception Area - CDS Markham Offices
Reception Area - CDS Markham Offices
Reception Waiting Area - CDS Markham Offices Reception Waiting Area - CDS Markham Offices

Directions to our Office

Canada Debt Settlements Inc. is located on Alness Street in Toronto West of Dufferin St on Finch Ave West.

If you are travelling from Toronto via the TTC Exit TTC "36 Finch Ave W" bus one traffic light west of Dufferin at Alness St. Our offices are located a few hundred metres North of Finch on your right hand side.

Driving Directions

From the 401
From the 401 exit at Allen Road and head North. Once you reach Finch Avenue make a left. At the first traffic light (Alness St.) make a right and the building will be on your right hand side 61 Alness St.